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​​Fund Raising & Events

The United States Equestrian Team

The D'arcy School

American Cancer Care

Morristown Memorial Hospital 

​DIFFA Dining by Design at Architectural Digest Home Show

Jeffrey lectures and leads workshops for the Design community

and, for non-profit organizations.

To learn about upcoming events & workshops, inquire by email or our Contacts page.


Jeffrey's a natural. His curiosity and innate sense of style, inherited from a family of creatives, lead to an extraordinary education.

His father, who built a successful career designing luxury accessories, taught him to draw. An aunt introduced Jeff to fashion and textiles, and by the age of 19 he was winning awards for painting, furniture design and graphics.

But it was discovering the work of sculptors like Jesus Rafael Soto, Robert Smithson and Christo whose projects used space itself as part of their medium that grabbed his attention completely.

Jeffrey understood the emotional gravity that these environmental installations exerted on observers, turning "place" into experience and observer into participant. 

"The idea that even the most ordinary space could

be used to inspire people to think feel & think differently floored me!" 

Now in his second decade as a respected Interior Designer, Jeffrey Brooks continues to create interiors which are intelligently designed, visually compelling and highly personal.


The Wall Street Journal

New York Spaces Magazine

Design New Jersey Magazine

Veranda Magazine's The View from Veranda

Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design

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